What is WALLITE Spray Foam Insulation?

WALLTITE is a two component, medium density, closed cell, polyurethane foam insulation/air barrier system designed to improve the energy efficiency of any type of building. Case studies have proven Walltite to be 21% more efficient than conventional insulation materials.

Adhering to virtually any surface, WALLTITE provides a gap-free, durable, air-tight envelope. WALLTITE has attained ECOLOGO and GREENGUARD Gold certifications and helps achieve LEED certification. LEED documentation available upon request.


Where can I use WALLITE

WALLTITE can be used in a multitude of applications including: 

Use in walls, attics, ceilings, crawlspaces and more. As a continuous insulation layer, WALLTITE provides a thermal break and yields a vapor barrier at just 2”. 

For use in cantilevered slabs, soffits, and parking garage ceilings,

Use as continuous insulation on the foundation wall, Besides insulating, WALLTITE® also simplifies the process by being an air and vapour barrier.

Simplify the addition of an under slab heating system. Spray directly onto the gravel, install hydronic system, and then pour the concrete.

Why use WALLITE?

Walltite is 5X time faster to apply than membrane and board stock, which reduces construction time and offers exceptional cost efficiency via reduced energy consumption. Our spray applied foam yields a vapor barrier with just 2” of application and creates a gap free, air tight envelope of low permeability, moisture resistant insulation.


n· Provides a durable, walk able surface for pouring concretestrates (rough and smooth surfaces)

· Offers high R-value/inch – R6.7 per inch

· Vapor/air barrier at 2” 

· No loss in thermal performance due to convective air movement (air going through or around)

· Provides protective barrier against Radon leakage into house

· Reduces “cold” floor issues in under slab applications

· Provides ease of application for awkward areas 

· Will not sag over time in overhead applications

· Delivers high compression strength 

· Provides a durable, walkable surface for pouring concrete

· Can be installed on exterior and left without covering up to 6 months

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Since WALLTITE and ENERTITE® have been used at the Lafontaine school, the saving in energy is $52,000 / year and the payback was only 4 years. • During winter 2005 – 2006, for January, Feb, March and April, 2006, when tested in field conditions, under the supervision by Morrison Hershfield, an engineering firm, ENERTITE sprayed between 2’’ X 6’’ studs, used 21% less energy than conventional insulation materials.

WALLTITE: 1. CCMC 12840-R for insulation 2. CCMC 12877-R for air barrier material 3. CCMC 12932-R for air barrier system


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