Water has become the most precious resource on the planet. Potable water is water that is fit for consumption by humans and other animals. An abundant, reliable supply of high-quality, potable water is a critical component of the health and economic well-being of any community. The agriculture industry also needs access to water to grow and harvest the food that feeds the world. Deteriorating, leaking infrastructure (tanks, pipes, canals) lose billions of gallons of usable water every year. This wastes a valuable resource, potentially exposing a good water source to contaminants, and reduces billable revenue for water management agencies. Spray All offers a solution to these problems with high-performance, elastomeric polyurea coatings. These high-elongation coatings can bridge over cracks to provide a watertight seal, remaining flexible enough to move with the substrate expansion and contraction during extreme annual weather cycles.


  • Potable Water containment (ANSI – NSF 61 approved)

  • Irrigation canal and aqueduct lining and repair

  • Water treatment and food processing facilities

  • Bottling and canning facilities

  • Water retention or decorative ponds