Expanding global development has led to a steady increase on the demand and capacity of wastewater infrastructure. However, a significant share of the globally produced effluents is still discharged into rivers and streams without prior treatment. This adds to the importance of large wastewater treatment plants for protecting public health, surface and ground water, to ensure a sustainable water supply. Properly treating and containing sewage presents a continual challenge. Wastewater sewage produces hydrogen sulfide gas that breaks down and deteriorates concrete surfaces. This can lead to potential spills and increased maintenance costs. High-performance polyurea coatings provide superior protection for the Wastewater Industry. These durable elastomeric coatings form an impermeable barrier that is resistant to hydrogen sulfide gas, water, and many chemicals. SPI’s polyurea coatings help to protect the environment and dramatically extend the service life of wastewater infrastructure.


  • Protection of sewage digesters and clarifying tanks

  • Tunnel and sewer manhole preservation and restoration

  • Protection of above- and below-ground pipes

  • Secondary containment liners for spill protection

  • Non-skid and corrosion-resistant flooring, walls, and roofs