Exposure to nature’s harsh and unforgiving marine elements (salt water, moisture, air, and extreme temperature) will inevitably corrode and degrade both onshore and offshore infrastructure, vessels, and equipment. Rust, abrasive wear and tear, and slippery surfaces present significant challenges for maintaining safety and protecting your valuable investments. Hgh-performance polyurea products provide the ultimate protection for the Marine and Boat industry. These innovative polyurea coatings create a tough barrier that protect a variety of surfaces (metals, wood, concrete, fiberglass, floatation foam). Polyurea is an industrial strength polymer coating that creates an airtight, impermeable seal that locks out the marine elements.


  • Port, shipyard, and marina corrosion protection

  • Chemical-resistant lining for storage tanks, pipes and cargo areas

  • Boat hull impact and abrasion protection

  • Non-slip or non-skid deck or floor coating

  • Corrosion, abrasion wear and tear protection in cargo handling areas

  • Encapsulation of dock floats

  • Aquaculture tank lining

  • Marine animal enclosure and training tank lining

  • Coat or restore coating of pilings above and below water