The mining environment takes a tremendous toll on infrastructure and equipment. Extreme temperatures, moisture, dust, air, and the tough process of extracting precious resources, create a perfect atmosphere for corrosion and abrasion damage. This eventually impedes the efficiency of equipment, reduces the integrity of structures, minimizes productivity, and increases maintenance costs. Originally developed as blast mitigating polymers for a U.S. Government entity, SPI discovered that the next generation of polyurea offers the highest level of abrasion and impact protection. Specialty Products’ advanced, industrial strength polyurea coatings create an impermeable, airtight, abrasion and impact-resistant barrier that provides tenacious protection from the harsh mining environment.


  • Metal walls, floors and roof decks

  • Steel structures, I-beams, tanks, stairs

  • Sludge processing/slurry tanks, clarifiers and pipelines

  • Silos, chutes, hoppers, classifier and shaker screens

  • Roller and belt protection

  • Truck and equipment bed liners

  • Evaporation pit and earthen containment liners