The world needs energy, and the Oil and Gas Industry plays a critical role in meeting energy demands and driving the global economy. The processes involved in producing oil and gas are highly complex and capital-intensive. Government regulations also require secondary containment enclosures capable of protecting the environment from accidental spills. Oil and gas companies need reliable solutions that will protect the environment and critical infrastructure. Modern polymer chemistry has evolved with the invention of polyurea, the next generation of chemical-resistant coatings. PTU™ is a durable, seamless, flexible coating that is resistant to many petroleum-based chemicals, hydrocarbons, and other caustic substances. Pipes, pipelines, tanks, and equipment are expensive to replace and SPI’s protective coating solutions will substantially extend their service life at a fraction of the replacement costs.


  • Interior and exterior protection of steel and concrete tanks

  • Above- and below-ground pipe and tank encapsulation

  • Secondary containment liners for spill protection

  • Evaporation pit and earthen containment liners

  • Non-skid and corrosion resistant flooring, walls, and roofs