The multi-billion dollar Food and Agriculture Industry plays a vital role in feeding the world’s population. The infrastructure needed to take the raw food from the farm to your dinner table ensuring it’s safe to eat requires a significant investment. In the U.S., the FDA and Food and Agriculture Industry work closely together to mitigate this public health threat. Unfortunately, cleaning processes don’t always stop food contamination, as bacteria can find its way into nooks and the smallest of quarters. Expensive processing equipment can also be prematurely worn down from accelerated corrosion and abrasion damage due to repeated cleaning and everyday wear and tear. The Food and Agriculture Industry needs a reliable coating solution to protect and extend the service life of their investment.


  • Protect surfaces in food processing plants and facilities

  • Food and beverage interior storage tank linings

  • Food transportation liner for semi-truck trailers and railroad cars

  • Non-slip surface for floors, walkways, and loading areas