Who we are?


Spray  All is a spray foam insulation and protective coatings company. At Spray All we believe in total customer satisfaction. We thrive on competition and innovation. This leads to our goals of continuous growth and improvement. Our commitment to quality control and timely completion leads to cost effectiveness for all. Our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment are governed by rigorous quality control, and aided by technical assistance. We carry out all of our work in strict accordance to the current specifications, safety requirements, and job-specific requirements. Our strengths are in our people—their knowledge and experience. Continual improvement upon new and existing ideas defines our company culture—this culture adds value to the services we provide.

We  provide an array of products to offer superior protection from the  elements. We have many years of experience spraying 2 component coatings  in the most physically demanding environments including the oil patch.  We use BASF WALLTITE closed cell foam for insulation & spray other protective coatings  for docks, decks, garages and more. We offer residential, commercial and  industrial services. 

 Spray All are WALLTITE qualified installers and are certified by the third  party, Caliber, according to their ISO 17024 accredited certification  program.


Human resources

As previously alluded to, the most important resource at Spray All is our people.

  • Any prerequisite of technical and safety training is met and often exceeded by our personnel

  • Sufficient manpower is always on hand to perform tasks in the highest quality and most efficient manner available

  • We have performed work all over Canada– the experience and knowledge of our personnel is rivalled by few

Spray All commits to providing a core group of employees who are acceptable to and familiar with your requirements.

  • Workforce continuity for the duration of all projects is a priority

  • The schedule is often critical; therefore we will provide sufficiently manpower to complete projects in a timely fashion Tank Lining & Painting Spray All Coatings has state of the art Tank Lining & Painting equipment, which is not commonly found in our industry.

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